Monday, January 18, 2016

Finding Joy In the Mission Journey

Back:Elder Smedly(ZL), Elder Baker(ZL), Elder White(DL), Elder Coburn (greenie)
Front: PJ, Sister Consaco, Sister Whyaskit, Sister Faamaile,
Me(one of these sister's is not like the others;)
You were spot on with whole spiritual high of Christmas, then going to
cold new January and being asked to train and having no idea what I'm
doing. Whenever I feel upset or homesick I always get  so frustrated
with myself because I know this is an incredible thing I get to do and
I need to enjoy it. So I prayed and prayed and prayed to Heavenly
Father to help me resolve some of my concerns and help lift my
burdens. Let me tell ya, my prayers were defiantly answered!!!

First of all, being able to study every morning for two hours is such
a blessing. It's my favorite part of the day, because of the sacred time
I have to communicate with Heavenly Father and prepare for the day.
There are times when my thoughts are led to something to read and
it's exactly what I need. That happened ALL week:)
I remembered this BYU devotional some missionaries talked about that I
felt impressed to read called "Remember Lot's Wife" by Elder Holland
*(I totally recommend you read this talk). He talks about having faith
in the future and refers to the story of Lot's wife. The second talk
that came to mind was "Finding Joy in the Journey" by President Monson
and this quote really impacted me, "I plead with you not to let those
most important things pass you by as you plan for that illusive and
nonexistent future when you will have time to do all that you want to
do. Instead, find joy in the journey--now."

As I reflected on what goals I wanted to set for the new year with
President Johnson on Wednesday, for interviews, my thought's kept
turning to these two talks. I prayerfully decided that I wanted
to strengthen my Faith in the Savior Jesus Christ, through
reading/searching a chapter of the Book of Mormon everyday. My second
goal is to find Joy in the Journey and develop a more positive outlook
on life. The scripture kept coming to my mind, "Adam fell that men
might be, and men are that they might have JOY" 2 Nephi 2:25.

As I talked to my mission president he said that if I continually strive to
keep these goals that I will have life changing experiences here on
the mission and for the rest of my life.

My joy was really tested this week when EVERYTHING we had planned fell
through and each door we knocked was a hard core rejection. But then
I recognized that each day I could see a blessing from Heavenly father.
-Monday: taught a woman named Janelle, and I felt so much love for her.
-Tuesday: Did service at SPO with a ton of non-members who are so
loving and caring.
-Wednesday: had an amazing training by president and sister Johnson on
"staying on the steep end of the learning curve" -Continual growth and
striving to always push ourselves out of our comfort zone so we can
learn to rely on our Savior! As well as being able to sit down and
talk to president about my goals, and receive inspired council! And
getting a very much needed inspired email from my mom:)
-Thursday: Beautiful weather while tracting. It was 60 degrees:)
-Friday: Having a Zone activity and playing ultimate frisbee in the
mud! Then having an incredible testimony meeting afterward. And going
to dinner at my fav families house, They Lymans!!! And hearing sister
Lyman's conversion story.
-Saturday: Planning for the upcoming week and feeling the spirit!
-Sunday: having President and Sister Johnson at Church with us. And
seeing the little 8 year old that we've been helping teach, get

I know that it is as we turn to our Heavenly Father and seek our His
will for us that we can find true and everlasting joy through His Son
Jesus Christ.

xoxoxoxox Sister Raquel Dougals😉

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