Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Temple-The Highlight Of My Week

The temple was most definitely the highlight of my week! 
The relief society president, Sister Moore, took us to the temple on
Saturday. I felt bad because she had all these things she needed to
do but she sacrificed doing them to bring us to the temple. I'm always
blown away by the incredible kindness of the members.

When we got there and walked in the doors I just felt immediate peace.
It's truly incredible how much power the temple has. I often think
about how my life would be without the gospel and the temple and I
honestly can't imagine a life without it. I've seen and heard so much
heartache on my mission and it's really opened my eyes to understand
the great blessing it is to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter-day Saints.

Because we went on our stake's temple day, we were able to go through
the temple with a lot of the missionaries from our zone and it was so
much fun! Sometimes I forget what a privilege it is to be serving with
these missionaries. I know they are called representatives of Christ
and it's a honor to serve with them!
We were able to hear from the Temple President in the little chapel
meeting we had before going to do a session and he was so amazing! He
was talking about how we are entitled to the highest degrees of the
priesthood and what a blessing that is. I know that wouldn't have been
possible without Joseph Smith and his wiliness to go through so much
to bring the fullness of the gospel back to earth.

This week we had a really good lesson on the restoration with our investigator
Crystal! She's shown real interest and is so humble and wants to learn
about Christ and how to follow Him! We're planning on seeing her this
Wednesday! At the university this week a girl actually came over to
our booth (that never happens on their own!!) she's
super sweet and hopefully we'll be teaching her and another student, Blake, soon! 
They both said they would come to FHE tonight!!!!! (Pray that they will)

Sister Raquel Jessie Douglas ;)

**Mom's note: This week I asked Sister Douglas to answer the following questions. Her answers were awesome and I thought helpful for those wanting to serve a mission so I included them on her blog.

First, What is the single most important thing you did before your mission that has helped you along the mission path?

Second, what do you wish you would have done to help you prepare for the mission experience? 

1. I'm glad I gained my OWN solid testimony of the Church, Jesus
Christ, Joseph Smith, the Prophet Thomas S Monson, And THE BOOK OF
MORMON!!! In times of doubt my testimony was the only thread of hope
that kept me going. When I didn't know what to say, at least I was
able to testify. You can't go on a mission and say, "I know my mom
knows this church is true" You have to know it for yourself. I may not
have understood everything, or even why I knew those things were true,
but with time I've been able to solidify my testimony of those things
as I've been able to testify daily:)
AND going to the temple!!!!!!! I think as it got closer to me leaving I was going at
least once a week maybe two! That was my safe haven:)

2. Everyone says this, but STUDY PREACH MY GOSPEL!!!! I wish I would
have understood what an amazing tool that is! We don't go on a mission
to be taught but to teach and in doing so we are taught... if that
makes sense! Everyday I  study the Book of Mormon for 30 minutes, then
I study Preach My Gospel for 20 minutes, and 10 minutes of conference talks or the Ensign. In
the world wide missionary broadcast two weeks ago they basically only
talked about PMG and how important it is. I too know it is revelation
from God to help us help others come unto Christ!

AND learn to talk to people. Learn how to start a conversation from nothing!

Our Savior Jesus Christ
In the visitor's center near the Washington DC temple.

The model of the inside of the temple at the visitors center. There
are 7 floors!!!

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