Friday, July 10, 2015

July 3, 2015
MOM!!! I'm so happy I get to write to you today. Fridays are my P-days and I only have an hour to write, so hopefully I can let you know as much as I can. I probably wont have time to write something for the blog but maybe next week:) But anyway, I'm doing absolutely great. I love the MTC and I've decided that it is all about your attitude and if you have a good attitude you'll have a good time:)  

When I left you guys it was really hard, but the Lord blessed me to be ok after that and I went into the MTC got on my name badge and a few other things like a key for my room. A sister host came and got me and  another sister and we went to our residence, dropped off our luggage, and went straight to my classroom. I met my teaches Brother Turner and Kendal and Sister Merriman. They are all super inspired teachers who love the Lord and missionary work! Then I met the elders in my district who are all going to Canada. There are three elder companionship's and two sister companionship's in my district. They are all super great and all of the sisters are going to Pittsburgh with me:) Super sweet girls. 

My companion is Sister Schofield and she is from Cedar Hills and went to A.F.H.S. She is absolutely amazing and I have felt of Heavenly Father’s love for her sooo much. I know we are companions for a reason. 
Day 1 in the MTC with her companion Sister Schofield.

The first day was sooooo long and I thought I might die of tiredness but I made it to my bed thankfully:) That night I didn't sleep much even though I was so tired. I couldn't really get comfortable because I'm on the top bunk and it is really loud every time I move. But I guess my companion and the other sisters in our room will just have to deal with some squeaks every once in a while. 

We have been learning a lot about our purpose as missionaries and it's really cool to think about. It's not just random, but it really is what helps us convert others to Jesus Christ and recognize his atonement in our lives. 

The second day was so much better than the first. We woke up at 6:30 and got ready and went and grabbed a quick breakfast. Then we went to class for three or four hours with our district and then went to an amazing workshop that we talked all about our purpose as missionaries and how we need to recognize how amazing and precious God's children are. I loved it:) Then we went to lunch (the food is pretty good here, I've eaten a lot of meat lately...) then me and my companion went to the gym and walked a mile which was so nice after sitting forever. That's one of the hardest parts about the MTC, you have to sit soo much! 

Well I hope you are all doing well:) Oh and I think your card is in my brown purse in my closet. Probably in one of the pockets. If it's not, let me know! I love you soo much and I'll see you soon. 

Love, Sister Douglas

Missionaries in Raquel's district.

All of the Sister missionaries headed to Pittsburgh with Raquel.
Her name badge!!

A couple of excerpts from today's letter. July 10, 2015
So this week has been really good. Way better than the first few days. After Sunday it got so much better. We are actually teaching people. They have this thing called TRC where you go and teach investigators who are either real or could be members, but obviously we treat them like real investigators. Sis Schofield and I were assigned to teach Carolina and Chrissy. They are such sweethearts and I have learned soooo much from teaching them. The first night was really stressful and we were just getting used to how to teach and we taught more of a lesson than to their needs. So our goal for the next lesson was to teach them by the spirit, because that is what converts, not lessons. So then we went and taught Carolina, who I think is a real investigator, and the spirit totally guided us all the way through. It was the most incredible feeling ever and we sang her a song and taught her about the atonement. Then at the end we asked her to pray and she said the sweetest prayer and we all looked up after and she had these big tears in her eyes. I LOVE TEACHING BY THE SPIRIT!!! After, Sis Schofield and I walked out and just started crying because it was so amazing! Then last night when we were teaching Chrissy it was really good. She wouldn't ever follow through with the invitations we were giving her and I had to be kinda stern with her and told her that we have done everything we can so it is now her turn to act with faith and pray to God and ask if he is really there. I think it really helped and I hope and pray that she did and that we will have a good lesson with her tonight! 
I love you so much and I hope you are doing well. I pray for you every night mom!!! I can feel your prayers for me, because I haven't been really sad or homesick, which may seem bad, but it is such a blessing. There is so muchI'm trying to do and change about myself that if I was sad all the time I wouldn't be able to focus as much. Thank you so much for all of your love and support, I can really feel it pushing me along and making me want to be better.

I LOVE YOU TONS!!! and ill write again soon:)

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