Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Windy Mars

Yesterday was kinda hard just having everything start to settle in. I'm sad that I won't see Grandpa again in this life, but I was able to reflect on the good memories I had of him. His amazing homemade mac-n-cheese, his sweet thought out gifts for Christmas, his loving tender demeanor. I will miss him, but I too know he needed to go. I bet he has the best missionaries teaching him right now and preparing him for that glorious day he will be baptized!

I'm feeling pretty ok with transfers. It was hard saying goodbye to these amazing people, but I know I'll meet so many others that I will grow to love:) We went to breakfast this morning with my favorite member today. Her name is Lindsay and they are just the cutest little family. Unfortunately her husband and other daughter weren't there today. She wrote me the sweetest letter and it made me realize that I was needed here and that even though I may not physically see the change I made I did have an impact on this area:)

This week was actually pretty good!
Windy day in Mars
We went and tried potentials in this little township called Mars! Haha it was so windy and cold, but I was having a blast! Some days you just get this adrenaline kick and get so excited to go knock on doors and get rejected, it's weird i know, but it's true:) As we were being blown around walking all over Mars.. haha that sounds funny, we tried a few people and all of them said they weren't interested. So we decided to go tracting and walked to a really cute area and started! 

We knocked on one man’s door and he was not interested. We turned to walk down the walk way when we looked up to see a lady walking down the street. We went and talked to her because she was the only other person we had seen outside that whole day (I guess people don't generally like being out in the cold wind;) She knew right away that we were mormon missionaries, which was super cool. We got talking and she is basically the sweetest lady ever! We asked if she would be interested in learning more about our church and she said, "Sure, Why not?!" We found out that she had a debate teacher when she was in high school who was mormon and she thought very highly of him! We kept talking and talking so she said we could come to her office for some tea! We agreed.. a little apprehensively, not knowing what kind of tea we would be getting.. haha it was peppermint;) We warmed up and she talked about this book she was writing and Sister Beutler was super into it, because she's a writer too. Then we talked about the massage therapy she does. She said we were welcome to come back any time! So Sister Beutler is planning on seeing her again this upcoming week! I really hope things go well. I know we were in the right place in the right time, just to meet her that day:) It was super cool though, because I had prayed that morning that we would find "the one" and I really think we did! 
In Harmony at the German Christmas Festival

The German Christmas Festival was so much fun! First we walked around Harmony and went into all the little shops there. They had a cool tie die shop (Hippie shop) I was thinking about Alli the whole time! They had a lot of antique shops and this cute one that had all of these tea sets, I was thinking about you the whole time:) It was cool though because there is this guys music studio and a lot of kids in our ward take lessons from him. So they were out playing on the side of the street! They even had people fire dancing and playing Christmas music haha! The market was super cool though, and reminded me of the SLC farmers market, but German;) They had this place selling german food, which I didn't get, because it didn't look good enough for it's price haha. And they had a lot of booths with people's hand crafted stuff. There was even a tent where they were doing german dancing, which was really cool! I'll send pictures:)

Well I'm sure good things are to come! You are in my prayers always:)
Love Sis Douglas❤

The Cranberry Missionaries-Last P day together

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