Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Goodbye Cranberry

Goodbye Cranberry. Goodbye Sis. Beutler.
So this week was pretty crazy! Haha I'll give you the run down:

Tuesday we had transfers and elder Ross and I shoved all our stuff
into our car. It was so weird to leave Cranberry and leave our
apartment! We went to the strip district and went to this Pittsburg
Sub sandwiches place that was pretty good! There were a ton of
missionaries there before the transfer meeting, so we went with a few
of them! At transfer meeting President said something that stuck with me, he said "There are two kinds of
Our Classy apartment
people in this world, people you love and people you don't know yet". He also talked about how the Lord calls us to where we need to be and will help us fulfill our calling! He's so great!
Then we went to Harrisburg stake center and I drove with three other Sisters who are all going to be STL's in this area. It was like a 4 hour drive! Then we got there around 9:30 and I met Sister Jex! We then drove to Shippensburg which took another hour!
It's pretty sweet though, because our Zone is really tight and
everyone here is great! Also we are close enough to go to the
Washington DC TEMPLE!!!!!! Ahhhh I'm so excited!!!!!!!! We'll probably go in December!

Wednesday we went to Shippensburg University where we set up a booth
and handed out pass along cards and talked a little bit to the
students. We were there with the Zone Leaders who are also serving in
our ward! I like going to the University haha it reminds me of UVU!
Then we had our ward correlation, where we met the ward mission
leader and the Bishop! They are both amazing and this whole ward is
super missionary minded! They even have a Book of Mormon class that we
get to go to and we are going to try and bring our investigators.  So we are going to be doing a lot of finding here too! At least Cranberry taught me how to do that:)

Thursday was a weird day! Sister Jex and I went on 
splits with some members and so I was with a member and sister Jex was
with another member! It was so weird not being with my companion and
it was the first time in almost five weeks, but it was fun! It was so
foggy that night and crazy humid! We got lost so many times!
On our way to a fireside in Landcaster. 
We were with some members Julie and Keith! Middle: me and Sis. Jex. 
Then in the back is Elder
Schofield, Edler Duffy, and Elder Baker.
Oh weird thing about the east part of the mission is that it's
actually flat roads and there aren't hills! Haha it's so weird!

Friday I met this really sweet family that was baptized two years ago 
and now they are going to the temple in December!!! Ahh so cool :) They
are just living proof of how the gospel changes lives! They told us a
little bit about their past and how they both used to be super into
drugs and he was in a gang, etc! They said that the gospel has changed
their lives in more ways than they ever imagined. They have incredible
testimonies and are so excited to go through the temple!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Sis. Douglas

At transfer meeting:I love my Sis. Schofield!

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