Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Cranberry Famous!

Haha! So this random guy at the community center came up to sister
Hokafonu and I and asked if he could get our opinion on Michael Vick
being in the Steelers... Well I just thought, this is the first time
someone has ever come up to us to talk. So I had no clue who this dude
was and didn't think he'd use my response...I was just talking to him
so I could give him a pass along card, which I did. Haha! All the old
people that get the newspaper around here, the peeps at the
senior center, were saying, "we saw you in the paper" and we had no
clue what they were talking about! Haha! Check this out. Oh boy, they
didn't even write what Sis. Hokafonu said, they spelled her name wrong, and said
she was from Utah!

(excerpts from her letter Sept. 6, 2015)
We had a funny experience this week with a referral from church 
headquarters named Althea who wanted a Book of Mormon. We
called and didn’t get an answer so we took an adventure out to the booms of
PA. Seriously, we were just about as backwoodsie as you can get on
dirt roads with these tent things... Some weird stuff. We got to a sign that said no 
trespassing, and I figured that is was probably a legit don't trespass sign. So
we tried turning our huge Ford Fusion around on this tiny road that
had a drop off on one side. Imagine us doing the 17 point turn thing when a lady 
came out and said to pull up to her drive way and turn around, so we did. We asked if
she knew an Althea, and she said, "Yes that's me.... What do you want?”
Seriously, I feel like such a creep being a missionary sometimes! We
told her we had been notified that she wanted a Book of Mormon. She
said, “Oh ya, I've been looking for a church to go to.” She told us she
wanted to find the church that taught the things Jesus Christ taught
when he was here on earth.....I was like, seriously, you're talking to
the right people! We gave her the Book of Mormon and she gave us
t-shirts with a cross on them that said “I Believe”. Haha super
friendly lady! We'll definitely be following up on her in a few
weeks. :)

We also had a lesson with Jerry on Saturday that went pretty well
now that I look back on it! I felt so nervous the whole time, and
felt like I was floundering. But it was so nice because we had an
amazing member with us who has had a lot of experience with teaching.
When we asked what Jerry thought when he read 2 Nephi 31 he
said he read it not only once but three times! He said it talked a lot
about baptism and that he wasn't really interested in being baptized again. My
heart sank and I felt so bad. I honestly didn't know what to say. I
testified of what I knew to be true and so did Bro. Jacob, the member
with us. He has such a powerful testimony. He shared Moroni 8 with
Jerry, which was perfect. It talks about how little children shouldn't
be baptized and how we need to be baptized how Jesus was. It was
really cool because I could tell he was really thinking about what we
had said. He asked, "So do I need to be baptized again?” That's when I
flat out said, “Yes!”

Sorry about the novel.... I just like to tell you EVERYTHING! I'll get better at condensing it!
Well I love you so much mom and thank you for fasting for me and Jerry and the people we teach, it means a lot! I miss you too sweet mom. Have a fun Labor Day. ;)

Love Sister Douglas AKA Raquel❤️

Oh man, Sister Tunion is THE BOMB! She has so much faith and knows her
purpose in life and shares it with EVERYBODY. She always invites
people to activities and church! We love this spunky lady😄

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