Monday, September 28, 2015

Bite, Black Boxes, BBQ

In the beautiful Pennsylvania forest. 

Only one more week of Training! (thumbs up)
Between the dog bite, zone conference, black boxes, German food, and
the Elders quorum bbq I would say it was a pretty fresh week!!!

Ok so back it up! We went and visited our little 96 year old friend on
Tuesday! We were outside playing this German game called rummy cube
with her and our other dear friend Sister Swazuk... who's a total
Pittsburghian! She has a legit Pittsburghies accent, oh boy that lady
can't say one thing without making me burst out laughing! :) Anyway, we
were getting whooped at this game by 96 year old Sister McCarty, which always feels great, haha! I was petting her dog Bear and he turned for
me to scratch his tummy so I did like any Christ-like missionary
would... then Bear got mad because he had a sore on him or something
and went all crazy! He barked at me and bit my arm....dingus dog! It wasn't bad, and it didn't puncture the skin, but it was all red and
sore! Her cute little care taker, Freddy was so upset and felt really
bad, but it wasn't a big deal. Haha sad to say, but I doubt that will
be the last time that happens, EVERYONE in Pennsylvania has dogs!!

Zone conference was, as Sister Hokafonu would say, A1! Translation: A1
= AWESOME First we had training from President Johnson, who
focused his remarks on how keeping the Sabbath day holy can build our
faith in Christ. He talked about how as we as members strive to keep
the Sabbath day holy, that faith will increase across the world. We
watched a few clips from Elders Holland and Ballard from the mission
president training last year. In the message by Elder Holland he
talked about how the sacrament is the most repeated ordinance we do
Got a quick pic at zone training with the AP's because Elder Birrell
is going home next transfer. These two are incredible missionaries
as members for ourselves. We only get to be baptized and go through
the temple for ourselves once, but in taking the sacrament each week
we are renewing those covenants individually. He also talked about how
the Sabbath day shouldn't be a list of do's and don'ts, but rather to
think of what sign we want to give God on the Sabbath. My mission
president asked us that question and it has really made me think
differently about the sabbath and how I worship. So what sign are you
choosing to give God?! We were all asked to come to conference with a
3 minute talk prepared on this topic. I had totally forgotten about it
so I stayed up writing it the night before... apostate, I know! But
I'm grateful I did because I got called on to give a talk. The focus
of my talk was on how we were given the Sabbath day "in remembrance of
Jesus Christ"

Then the not so fun part of zone conference came with the loathed
black boxes...nooooo!!! Basically we now have these gps speed tracking
devices in all the mission cars that talk to you and tell you to slow
down and such. I'm not a fan. But I know they're just trying to keep
us safe. These things are crazy though, we have to log in as the
driver and then it records our driving and gives our President a
report each transfer. My poor Californian companion’s crazy driving has
been put to an abrupt halt, she's not too excited about the whole
thing haha!!
We found this little nature walk by the really cute Cranberry park. We
went for a walk before we taught Jerry, because we were so tired! I
love how pretty it is here! Always brightens my day:)

That night we went to a members home for a really nice German dinner!
Sister von Rintelen went on a mission to Germany where she met her
husband, who is German and has a sweet accent! It was fun to talk
about his life back in Germany and have all of this traditional German
food that was really different and good!

There was an Elders quorum bbq that we helped put on Friday night! It
was such a good turn out and a ton of people brought their families
and many members brought friends and their families too! This ward is
seriously stellar, they're really trying their best to help in this
great work:)

Well just another great week in Cranberry, PA! I can't wait for
General Conference this weekend and to get three new Apostles!!!!!!!
There are good things to come my friends:)

I hope all is well and I keep all of you in my prayers.

Lots of Love -Sister Douglas

More beautiful PA.

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