Tuesday, September 1, 2015

It's The People That Make It All Worth It

This Sista loves packages from home!
I can't believe it's been 2 months!!! Some days it feels like the
mission is flying by and others it feels like it's going really slow.
It just makes me want to enjoy every day that I'm here, because it
really will go by fast. 

This week was pretty good. We found a potential from these records I
found from 2009 and we are going to teach her this Tuesday. We also
had a pretty good lesson with our potential investigator George from
the Senior Center. After we served them lunch this week he and another guy from the
Senior Center were sitting outside waiting to talk to us. I asked if
he read the scriptures we highlighted in the Book of Mormon we gave him and
he said not yet. Then he told us he would read if we read something he wanted to show us on
the internet. Haha we told him we can't go on the
internet and told him that those websites are written by people who take the
scriptures and use them out of context. The guy sitting with us
was super cool. He's catholic and I asked if he read the bible and he
said yes. Then I asked if he just took everything it said to heart
right away or if he prayed about it. He was able to also testify of
the power of prayer in understanding. Isn't that so cool! It was like
having a member present lesson, but with a catholic member present :) I
know George is seeking the truth, we just have to give it to him! Also,
I gave Bob, George's friend, a Book of Mormon! :)

On Saturday I got to teach my first actually lesson!!!! It was so
cool. It just reminded me of why I'm here. Teaching by the spirit is so important and going into
that lesson, that's all I wanted. We had our ward mission leader come with us which was great.
Members always make such a difference. We taught about the restoration and I
was worried Jerry wouldn't understand anything we would teach him, but
he did! The spirit was so strong when we talked about Joseph Smith, it
was amazing! Jerry has so much faith and knows God has a plan for him. I
invited him to be baptized at the end of the lesson and in the
moment I felt the spirit so strong tell me to ask him. When I did it
was just so cool to hear his response. He said, I'll get baptized
again if that's what God wants me

to do.”  Oh boy, can you say tender

It was actually a really good week. There are some times when it's
hard, but it's times like teaching Jerry that makes it all worth it!

Love Sister Douglas

This is us today (on our P-day) in Zelie where the elders live. It's a cute small
town with a really cool candy shop! They had soooo much
candy,I was in heaven. But now I feel sick! #selfiesfordays

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