Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Things Are Good In the Cranberry Hood

 Desperately using Starbucks wifi !!! I love you mom:)
Last Sunday we had a lesson in Relief Society that was exactly what I needed to hear! It was based on the General Conference talk from October 1976 Notwithstanding My Weakness by Neal A Maxwell. The bishops wife taught the lesson and she actually reminds me a lot of you! It's a really good talk and the steps that he suggests in it really helped me change my perspective on myself. She told us about another talk that she sent to her son in Ecuador that's really good. It’s a BYU devotional by Sister Holland called Be Renewed in the Spirit of Your Mind. I loved this talk, you should totally read it! I'm really trying to do some of the things that these talks talked about on helping build self confidence. Satan wants me to feel bad about myself and feel inadequate. So I'm trying my best to put all of my trust in the Lord! I know Heavenly Father is real, I know He loves me, and I know he'll help me with any command He asks of me!

Not much happened this week. We had all of these appointments with our less actives and Jerry but they all fell through. So we worked on entering records into the iPad. I found all of these old teaching records and I asked Sis. Hokafonu what they were and she said we didn't need them. But then I started reading them and I think we need to contact these people because they were once interested in the church. People change! The Lord's timing is so important! We did go to the ranch and stacked a ton of hay! Yay... There was hay up my nose. But it was pretty fun! Oh and we helped with a mission prep class that went really well! It was crazy to be the missionary there teaching because I still feel like I need to be the one sitting in that class. This week on Thursday we are having a member of the seventy come and that should be really cool, then we have Zone Conference the next week! So these next few weeks will go by quickly!

But ya, things are good in the Cranberry Hood! There's a really nice lady named Tracy that lives above us and I can't wait to convert her  ;)  Haha she's such a nice lady! 
I hope you all have a great week! :)

Love Sis Douglas aka Raquel!!!

I'm so lucky to be serving with these amazing missionaries! Each of
them have such incredible testimonies and have taught me so much. I
love my beautiful green Cranberry PA!!!

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  1. Sweet! I love that sweet Raquel! What a wonderful testimony and way of finding and doing what needs doing.