Monday, October 19, 2015

Tracting Life

Ran into this guy yesterday while tracting. Seems to be interested in
the gospel!
What a week!!! This has been one of the best/busiest/hardest weeks of my mission. It's been really great getting to know Sis. Beutler and here are some things that I think make her awesome. #1 She is an incredible teacher. #2 She likes Enya and Enya = bae (Mom’s note:Sis Douglas loves Enya and has since she was so little. Good to know there’s another fan out there.). #3 She is the nicest person on the planet. #4 She's a really hard worker and #5 she's a triplet (I think I forgot to mention that last week). Both of her other sisters are serving missions as well! Anyway I just love her.

While tracting this week we found a new investigator. She is 19 and her name is Hannah!!!!! I love that girl.  Seriously, I feel like I already knew her and that we were long lost friends. Talking to her about the gospel felt so natural and I felt completely like myself. We are going to go see her tomorrow again and I hope and pray she read from the Book of Mormon and prayed for an answer! Wouldn't it be so amazing if she did:)

We had to stop teaching Jerry this week because he wasn't keeping commitments and wouldn't pray on his own to know if the Book of Mormon was true. He also told us he just wanted to be Catholic. It makes me sad to let him go, but we did our part. We shared our message and invited him to come to Christ. Now it's up to him!

We also ran into this AMAZING family when we were out tracting. They are super Catholic, but they have known the missionaries for a long time. The mom invited us in and offered us dinner, which was crazy, because that NEVER happens. We talked and talked and found out they had had a long going relationship with elders for years, but when the sisters came into the area it kind of fell away. So they were so happy to have us there. They pulled out their two copies of the Book of Mormon and said they had read parts of it and enjoyed it, but weren't really interested. We shared a Mormon Message with them, Because of Him. When it was over, the Spirit was so strong in their home and there wasn't a dry eye. I bore my testimony of the Savior and told them I know He lives and loves each of us and had blessed me that night by meeting their sweet family. Their daughter is 15 and her name is Johanna and reminds me SO much of Alli it's cray cray. She plays the piano and guitar and weirded me out and it made miss her a whole lot.  

It’s almost been four months that I’ve been out…can you believe that? Honestly though, it's all flying by soooo fast.

I love you all. I hope you have a great week!
Sis Douglas
Down in Freedom tracting after a lesson with Jerry.
Behind the trains is the Ohio river. It's a really cute city.

Autumn! So pretty right now!

The District with President and Sister Johnson.

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