Monday, October 5, 2015

Conference --Basically Christmas

Had so much fun today in Pittsburgh city! Went to the
point and the

strip district (farmers market) so great!

(excerpts from this weeks emails)
Saturday morning before conference we got
transfer calls and sister Hokafonu is being transferred. Oh man I'm
going to miss her, but I know she needs to go bless other lives. I
won't be training so it will be cool to have someone experienced in
missionary work come in and help improve this area. 

I LOVED LOVED LOVED conference. It was such a treat! As a missionary
conference is basically Christmas! Hearing the prophet brought tears
to my eyes and deep prayers for the Lord to give him strength to
finish his talk. I love that man, I know he is the mouthpiece for
the church. Why would someone struggle so much to even physically stand
there if he didn't know what he was saying was important and true.

One night  this week we went to the Young's and made really good sushi! Haha
Pittsburg City!! Last P-day as comps.
this is the second time in my mission that I've been able to make my own
sushi and it was a blast! Sister Young is the sweetest and made all of
these Korean dishes to go along with our sushi! It was basically a five star meal! Oh boy... I'm so spoiled in this area #blessed # fgp. We were there later than normal and I was starting to feel antsy antsy about being there for that long. I was honestly kinda frustrated, but I learned that night that the Lord does really work in his own timing
and puts us places for a reason. On the way home, as we pulled into the apartment parking lot, we saw a man and his wife trying to back a Uhaul
into the parking lot. The elders were with us and Elder Redford, our Zone Leader, said we should go help them.

We went over and asked if we could help! You could immediately tell this man was from the south. He said yes as he was chowing down on
some fried chicken haha! It took forever but we finally got his truck into the parking lot and started unloading it so we could get their
bed out for the night.

We met his cute little wife and two little girls who are two and one.
They are just moving here from Georgia after living there for eight
years and are both originally from Ghana! He was very grateful and we said we would be back the next morning to unload the rest.

The next morning we went over with the elders and unloaded the whole
truck into their apartment on the third floor... I was so sore after! Probably the best work out ever! While we helped them move we met their neighbor, who just so happens to also be from Ghana! She is the
sweetest lady and has a six year old and two year old. We talked to both her and Fauzie (the man we helped move in) about the church and it was great! Fauzie wanted to pay us for our help but we told him we would like to teach them a lesson about Jesus Christ instead. He gratefully
said yes, so we are planning on going back this week! Jenoviva, the neighbor, also seemed interested and said we could stop by any time to
Fun sushi dinner at the Young's house. And yes I did make
 that amazing 
sushi with caviar on it!
I'll have to make it for you when I get
back! Super fun and actually pretty easy!
teach her. They both know about our church and even knew there was a temple in Ghana!

It's moments like these that make the mission so worth it! I can't wait to see where these great people's lives go! I sure hope and pray
that they are ready for the gospel to change their lives for the better! I know Heavenly Father put them in our path late that night for a reason!
I hope you have a fabulous week :)
Love Sis Douglas

Lil taste of PA. So cute! It looks like this in the outer parts of our area and I love it!

Trying to get Raquel ready for a cold Pennsylvania winter. She's modeling the coat I sent last week. I had to add this pic because she just looks so cute!!

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