Monday, October 26, 2015

"Touch and Feel" and #Spiritprobs

Selfie at the Ranch!

This week was pretty low key. We had a lesson with our investigator
Hannah that went pretty bad. Her mom was there and she was pretty
anti about the Book of Mormon and wanted us to show her proof in the
bible. We could, but it would have been pointless. We read the
introduction of the Book of Mormon with her and told her she needs to
exercise faith and pray to know if it's true. She still wasn't
convinced but... One day she'll understand! Hannah was super quiet the
whole time and the spirit wasn't there. Hannah still shows a lot of
potential she's just confused. She did read the first four chapters of
the Book of Mormon and she took notes and had legit questions for us!
We were supposed to meet with her on Saturday, but she canceled...that
made me worried, I hope she'll continue to meet with us. Man it's
crazy how much love you feel for these complete strangers.

We had exchanges on Thursday and I stayed in Cranberry with sister
Beusath! She's awesome and it was actually a really good
exchange! She is super sweet and it really good at teaching
The Ranch
right when when she finds people. We were tracting all that day, and
then went and contacted a potential and invited them to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if it's true. We are going to see them again on Wednesday, which I'm pretty excited for!

The ranch was pretty fun this week. It was just Beutler and I—no elders. They had us drop hay which took like two hours. Beutler is tiny so I did most of the lifting lol!!! Then, they replaced the roof, so we stacked all of the old roofing in the rain. Haha Good times Good times!

Saturday night we had the ward trunk or treat and that was super fun!
The missionaries were in charge of the “touch and feel” table so we
came up with all of these nasty things like maggots and eyeballs which were
Fall time in PA.
rice and grapes. Haha little kids thought it was super cool! Then we cut a hole in the back of a box and put Elder Rackham under the table and put his hand in the hole and he was freaking everyone out!  Hahahahah! So funny😂 We invited so many people to that party and none of them came. But I didn't want it to ruin our fun time so I had to get over myself really quick! But the Standlee's
(a less-active family) came which was super great!

Sunday was really great! It was the primary program and they were so cute! Haha it's funny, I was looking at all the people at church and thinking about how cool it was that I got to get to know most all of the people in this amazing ward. They've become my lil fam away from home! I'm really going to miss them when I leave this area. One of the young women brought her friend to church and she plays lax too, so it was fun to talk to her! Man I miss playing sooooo bad! I wish I just had a stick here! But she was super sweet and she really liked the primary program and started tearing up. #spiritprobs haha!! So cool though! We'll see😀

Love love love

Sister Douglas

Comps and CoatsWe found these sweet coats at Plato's closet! Haha so fun! And
they totally match our personality!

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