Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl and A Foot Tall Christmas Tree

So I got your package!!!!!!! Ahhhh I wish you could have seen how excited I was! I got it on Friday and it totally made my week/month :) Hahahahaha I LOVED it, and I still have the box sitting in our study room with the little torn apart turkey!  We had a pretty fun Thanksgiving day though! We went to a turkey bowl and that was my first time playing football... Haha that was an adventure! It was a ton of the elders quorum and then us sisters. Haha it was two hand touch except if we (the sisters) had the football they would just say "touch" haha!

We went to the Smith family's house for thanksgiving lunch Haha! We went over at 12 and they were so sweet and had everything all ready and decorated. Sister Smith's husband isn't a member, but he comes to church every week. At the end we asked what everyone was grateful for and he said he was grateful for the church in his life, and for us missionaries! It was so cool! Their daughter was there with her two kids and and it was just so much fun being there with them and having the spirit so strong in their home!

Ha! Sorry for the bad selfie, but this is the only one with their family in it!

After dinner we played frisbee in the backyard for a few hours and their daughter showed us her fire baton skills! I'll have to send you a video of it, because it was sweet!! Then that night we went to the Slovak's, who are recent converts since June, and we hung out and kept them company because they were sick and didn't have thanksgiving. It was a good day and the Smith family made us feel at home!

I'm so excited to go to the DC temple:)! We are planning on going with a family who got baptized two years ago. They are going to and get sealed together as a family in mid December and they invited us to go!!! Ahhhhhhhhh I can't wait, honestly that will be such an amazing day!!

On Wednesday we had a pretty good lesson with our investigators! It felt really natural teaching them and during studies we both had an impression to ask them if they have a testimony of the Book of Mormon, and to be super bold with them. We found out they are confused on the spiritual aspect of the gospel... So now we know what we need to work on. I guess when the elders found them they were going really fast through the lessons... So now they are confused. They are so sweet and I hope we can help prepare them and help them gain a testimony!

We also went and worked at the food bank that the Lutheran church puts together! It was so cool:)

Oh man I'm crazy EXCITED for CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I put our foot tall tree up haha :) The Christmas initiative is so cool this year! Yesterday they opened the page for it and all of us missionaries were freaking out! You have to check it out it's christmas.mormon.org! The video A Savior is Born is amazing! I've already watched it like 10x! We are getting some sweet pass along cards and we can just show people the video on the street without iPads!!!!!! Ahhh so exciting! I love that video though, because they took everything secular out of it and just focus on the simplicity of this season. I loved how they used children throughout the video to show the innocence of Christ's birth! I've heard Christmas on the mission is so amazing because people are more willing to listen to our message of Christ!

Well this email is crazy long... Haha but there was so many good things I had to tell you about!

I couldn't do this with out you and the support and love and prayers I feel from you everyday!

LOVE Sister Douglas

Sisters P-day out!

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