Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Lord Qualifies Those With a Willing Heart

Me and Sis Jex at the ward Christmas party with Santa! 
We had a pretty good week over here! Poor Sister Jex has been sick
with a cold this whole week, so that wasn't fun. I washed my hands
like a million times, because getting sick on the mission is like the
worst thing ever. :(

Tuesday morning we helped at SPO (a food kitchen for the homeless)
and a Mennonite lady who was helping too, and is hilarious, made us a cherry pie!! Haha! We see Mennonite carriages all over town. 
It’s so cool!

Later that day at the university we had a fun time handing out the
#ASaviorIsBorn pass along cards. There was one guy that Elder Duffy and I talked to for 30 minutes. He had a TON of really good
questions. I kept telling him that we could plan a time to teach him,
but he wasn't interested...yet! We had a lot of success at the
university though and have a few people we get to contact! Yay!!

On Thursday we met with a less-active lady and her nine
year old son who isn't a member yet. They were so sweet and she
has such a sweet testimony. Since sister Jex was sick I did most of
the teaching that night and I was amazed at how naturally the lesson
went and the spirit was defiantly there. I've noticed in this area that
I've felt much more comfortable with teaching. It's incredible how the
spirit can work with us if we just allow him to. When talking to
people on the street or in lessons, there are times when I'm not even
thinking and the words to say just come and I know it's the spirit! I
love the talk by Elder Renlund, Through God's Eyes, from last
conference. He talks about how inadequate he felt in being called as
an apostle, but that the Lord qualifies those he calls. I've felt this
many times these past few weeks. I've seen countless tender mercies
and answers to my prayers. I know Heavenly Father truly does want us
to have joy and what I've found most joy in this week has been
teaching and talking to people! A few weeks ago I wouldn't have said
that. But as I've prayed for opportunities to share the gospel I've
seen how the Lord truly will qualify us when he sees a willing heart!

We had our ward Christmas party this week too which was pretty fun! 
We were there for almost five hours helping them decorate! Speaking of 
decorating … We've already decorated four Christmas tree, I'm a little 
Christmas treed out! It was fun to see everyone at the party though and it
looked like everyone had a really good time! We also got to watch the
Christmas Devotional last night at the Creagers! I love Elder
Uchtdorf's talk on contemplating the many gifts that God has given us!
We are incredibly blessed to have the knowledge of a Savior and what
he's done for us. Without him I'm nothing. I loved how he invited us
to take time to think about what that really means to us and how we
can change and become better through Christ!

It's going to be such a fun month!!! This week we have Zone
Training, and we get to watch the mission video! Next week we're
going to the DC temple with some recent converts Then of corse Christmas!
Oh and our awesome stake president is having all
missionaries in the stake help with a live nativity and choir that he's
putting together! I Love Christmas time!!!
I love you all and you're always in my prayers!
Have a fabulous week ;)

Sister Douglas

Baby it's cold outside...it hasn't snowed yet, but when it does, I'll be ready! 

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